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DNP DS-40 - Professional Thermal Printer

Code: DS40

Fotolusio revolutionizes dye-sublimation printing with DS40 Series printers.

DS40 Series Printers are high-speed, high-quality photo printers for use in photo labs, photo kiosks, by professional photographers, or in other commercial applications. Wherever you need it, you can bring your DS40.

With its advanced heat control IC (DPPS1) and print-head, the high-speed DS40 dye-sublimation printer will radically change your printing habits!



• Mobility: compact, lightweight and easy to transport.

• High-speed: less than 10 seconds to 1st print; prints a 10x15 (4x6’’) photo in 8 seconds.

• Simplicity: easy-to-use all front access.

The weight and the height of the DS40 are only half of previously available models


• Consumables are produced and manufactures by DNP, the world’s largest supplier

of dye-sublimation media.

• DS40 is equipped with an exclusive system that protects paper from any dust

exposure during printing.

• The paper is UV and liquid resistant.

• The DS40 meets CE conformity standards.


• Multi-size: 5 print sizes from 9x13 (3,5x5’’) to 15x23 (6x9’’).

• Flexible configuration: possible connection between several DS40 and/or DS80 printers.

• Photo Finishing: glossy or matte.

• Operating systems: Mac and Windows.

The exterior dimensions of DS40 and DS80 are the same and their front opening

mechanism allows multiple stacking.

By connecting together 4 DS40 you can print a 10x15 (4x6’’) photo every 2.5 seconds.

By combining DS40 and DS80 you can also produce 10 different print sizes.